The new hub of Kungsholmen

The underground levels and the pavilion (currently closed to the public) situated directly adjacent to Fleminggatan will be opened up and converted into retail space. 


The Pavilion will house the main entrance to the lower levels offering a wide range of everyday amenities, such as a supermarket, gym, restaurant, and cafe. Using the escalators, visitors will reach a social retail space open morning through evening. This cluster of shops and services will integrate Brädstapeln into the neighborhood and create an urban environment full of life even outside of business hours.


The supermarket ICA Kvantum Kungsholmen will become a vibrant meeting place that simplifies grocery shopping seven days a week. The store will resemble a food court with pleasant in-store dining. Customers will enjoy a large and spacious retail environment where prepared meals and fresh products will be offered alongside a wide and inspiring selection of the finest and latest in food.

Systembolaget, the government-owned liquor store, will open a new branch on the premises. The opening date is yet to be set, but the location will be equipped with Systembolaget’s brand new shop fittings. There will also be a gym, pharmacy, restaurant, and cafe, which together will create a much-needed service and retail hub in this part of Kungsholmen.

During the year, SATS training will open a brand new training center at Kungsholmen. The training center at Scheelegatan is built according to SATS latest design guidelines with areas for functional training, group training, strength training and much more. SATS Group is the Nordic region’s leading provider within the health and fitness sector, and the training center at Scheelegatan will be a complement to the other SATS centers at Kungsholmen and in Stockholm.

With over 390 branches, Apotek Hjärtat is Sweden’s largest private pharmacy chain. Of the company’s approximately 2,000 employees, more than half are pharmacists. Apotek Hjärtat also runs an online store where customers can place orders for prescribed medications as well as products from the entire non-prescription range. In 2019, the chain will open a new branch offering consumers both a welcoming shopping environment and attentive service.

Holy Greens is a chain of salad bars synonymous with sustainability and creative flavor combinations, with a special love for local and organic ingredients. The company’s food philosophy  is straightforward: Eating well, fast and healthy should be easy. To simplify everyday life for customers even more, the restaurant will offer pickup of app orders via a so-called Holy Wall.

ITAMAE is a well established chain of sushi restaurants serving high class sushi in a relaxing atmosphere. Itamae means head chef in Japanese, the highest rank for a sushi chef. In addition to sushi, other restaurants in the Itamae chain servs other high class Asian dishes.


Offices will also be built next to the shops, gyms and restaurants.

Kontor Brädstapeln

The offices will be a central part of the neighborhood, catered to the evolved needs of modern businesses and their employees.

Handelsplan Brädstapeln

The new hub of Kungsholmen. An urban environment where food, meetings, health, retail and services come together.

Park Brädstapeln

To encourage greater use, the park will be opened up towards Fleminggatan and made more accessible.